by Pat Egan

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SZOUL Rita, Kairos for life Favorite track: All Night Long.
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Patrick Egan - Music and lyrics
Ryan Rumchaks - Drums
Nick Casasanto - Mixing


released October 21, 2013

Thank you to everyone who inspired this album, you know who you are!
Also thank you to whomever listens to it. I appreciate it so much.




all rights reserved


Pat Egan Chicago, Illinois

Pat Egan is a musician from the south side of Chicago. His debut EP is called Southside. Give it a listen

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Track Name: Hang On
I've got nowhere else to go
I've tried everything you know
I'm at the end of my rope
I've hit the end of the road

I'm feeling drunk and tired
you pry think I'm a coward
please don't send me away

The pain that you caused me
It's driving me crazy
My head is spinning again

I see you walking now
your falling down in the street
you're stumbling down to your knees
I'll put you under my arms
I'll find you somewhere to sleep
I'll find you something to eat
So hang on hang on,
Hang on Hang on
Hang on Hang on to me

I keep looking in the past
You know I'm too attached
Glare at the rearview mirror
Doesn't seem to dissapear
Track Name: Sweet Feeling
Your smile is tattooed on my brain
It's making my heart sing and shake
I can't loose my mind, I'm gaining control
But when you talk to me, makes me want you more

You know I need someone to love, that someone is you

I know that you're a little old
But I'll make you feel like a young soul
I'll water your flower till it blooms
And when the morning comes I wanna wake up next to you

You know you give me that sweet feeling again now, I loose myself

I was born in the wrong generation
This age creates temptation
and I know now, that you know how, how to get deep inside of me
Track Name: Runaway
So you ask how life is going
I say "Ok"
You can tell I'm lying, you could see it in my face
You're starting to wonder what is wrong with me
And I being to yell at you, let my voice go free

I'm sick of all the lies and the changes
I'm sick of feeling lost and frustrated
And I know I cannot satisfy all of you
But this road I walk down is what I want to do

Now I'm running through the doorway
Passing the threshold
Not ever looking back, didn't feel like home
Board a Metra train, I'm up for anywhere
I know I can't from myself but I can run from here

And you think that you know everything on your own
and you believe that it's out there away from home
Track Name: All Night Long
All alone I'm by myself
Putting problems on a shelf
raise a glass decline my health
as my youth begins to melt

light a smoke, pour me a drink
make me talk, make me think
my floating mind I seldom sink
my brain is black and eyes are pink

I know I need to deal with things but not right now
I'm rambling all night long

Look at me told you I'm fine
burning bridges crossing lines
face to face, stare in her eyes
what to say my mind runs dry

She talks to me about the past
memories come after that
but the conversation doesn't last
Do I let her go? Do I take her back

Problem solved feeling free
stumble down don't feel a thing
numb me now come dance with me
forget what was, just come and be
Track Name: Shine On
Numb my tongue with your love/ don't you know I need some of your love
Dark days fill my gaze/ will someone please light up my face/
make me laugh today
Can't control what I don't know/ where I live is where I roam/ down your road
One and one just make two but you and me make me and you/
yeah you know it's true.

I'm tangled up inside
chewing on the thought of you with my mind
these feelings I can't hide
I'm gonna let you shine within me

I'm gonna let you shine within me
Gonna let you shine on

South side/ oh my my/ walking home real late at night/ She's at my side
Hand in hand/ feel like a man/ hold her close make her understand/ you do what you can
I'm held down by this town/ she says "Go out go look around, stop being down."
She speaks her mind "Cast off this line! what are you doing here wasting time? This aint goodbye."

Packing my bags, I'm leaving home
but I'm so attached I've got weighted bones
She wants me to leave and carry on
Follow my dreams and shine on

Just Shine on